Developing Winners, Creating Futures

The National High School Basketball Association (NHSBA) is a national nonprofit organization founded in 2006 with the purpose of providing youth a safe haven to develop physically, emotionally and intellectually. We focus on practical life skills that will guide their path toward graduation from high school, college or trade school and into a successful adult life.


Do you have a love for basketball? We welcome all students ages 14-18 to participate, even if you have never played. You will strengthen your basketball skills but thats not all we do. We provide mentors, we help reach your educational goals and much more. It provides a place to build unforgettable relationships and play the game you love- BASKETBALL!

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Are you looking to help the youth in your community? NHSBA is an excellent organization to do that through. It will be a rewarding experience; you will be involved in developing and preparing our students for life after high school. NHSBA does this through mentoring and providing opportunities for the students BUT to succeed we need people like you to volunteer!

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Being a nonprofit we solely get our funds through fundraising and donations. NHSBA provides a safe healthy environment for the youth and gives them the opportunity to be successful. PLEASE HELP and DONATE TODAY!


NHSBA sets up events throughout the year that are educational and rewarding! Once in a lifetime opportunities are given to our youth, that will help diversify the learning/mentoring experience. Events provide the chance for the youth to learn from professionals, develop new skills, create memories, improve basketball skills and much more! CHECK OUT WHAT EVENTS WE HAVE COMING UP!


Click picture to sign up! Can you make the most baskets?

Sign-up for the Memphis Grizzlies Basketball Camp!! This summer, June 24-29, the Memphis Grizzlies are hosting a basketball camp! Sign up now to make sure you get a spot!


Do you ever donate money but feel uncertain because you don't know how that money was used? Use CoinUp and you can track your donations and NHSBA.

If you are looking to go to an event purchase your tickets from TIX4CAUSE. Up to 100% of the proceeds will go to NHSBA!